Little People, Big World Spoilers: Is Caryn Chandler Actually Flirting With Chris Marek?

Little People, Big World

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that fans of the show have never been too fond of Caryn Chandler. She is Matt Roloff’s girlfriend and she used to work as the manager of the Roloff Pumpkin Farm. If this sounds a little suspicious, there are others who think that Caryn is responsible for ruining Roloff’s marriage. Throughout the years, we have noticed that Caryn has a tendency to be very flirtatious and now some fans think that she has her eye on Amy Roloff’s husband, Chris Marek!

Little People Big World Spoilers – Is She Flirting With Chris Marek?

Many viewers have their opinions about how Caryn and Matt got together and now it looks as if some of them think that when she took Matt away from Amy, that wasn’t enough for her and now she has set her sights on Chris. There has been so much talk about this that now there is an entire Reddit thread devoted to how Caryn is flirting with Chris. These diehard fans of the show have started to talk about her behavior in previous seasons.

There are many viewers that think she is doing this on purpose and no matter what, she will continue to flirt with him to get under Amy’s skin. One Redditor wrote, “I’ve been saying this for years! When Caryn gets around Chris, she is just sooooo creepy!” There were other Redditors that fully believe that Chris would never leave Amy and that their relationship is very solid.

Matt Roloff

Little People Big World Updates – Caryn Chandler And Amy Roloff’s Relationship

We have seen a lot of Amy and Caryn on the show together and it looks like they get along just fine. This may not be the case actually. There is still a lot of speculation about how these two feel about each other. When Amy was asked about Caryn and Matt, she said she couldn’t really give her opinion on camera. That has got to mean something, right?

We do hope that these flirting rumors are just that and that Caryn and Matt are still happy together.

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