Days Of Our Lives (DOOL) Spoilers: Robert Scott Wilson On Streaming Failures And Success

Days of Our Lives: Robert Scott Wilson

Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers reveal a big week for the 57-year-old soap as it makes the move to streaming and one actor can remember a failed soap streaming experiment a decade ago that he doesn’t think will happen today.

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – DOOL The New Future Of Soaps

While many in the soap world saw it coming from the success of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, it was still a shock to all when NBC announced the end of DOOL on its network in early August. It would be the end of an era for the soap and a beginning of a new one for all soaps. While DAYS is not the first soap to go to streaming, the circumstances have changed and it now seems to be the future of television as a whole.

Actor Robert Scott Wilson, who played Ben Weston on DOOL and Beyond Salem, Chapter 2 and now play Alex Kiriakis on just DOOL, was in on the first soap streaming experiment that had different circumstances.

Days Of Our Lives Updates – Why Days Of Our Lives Will Be Different

When All My Children and One Life to Live moved to Hulu, they had already been canceled by ABC and off the air for a while before Prospect Park productions decided to reboot the shows. However, the world wasn’t ready for streaming and smart TVs weren’t the name of the game yet. At the time, Wilson played Peter Cortlandt on AMC.


“Being on AMC [as Pete Courtlandt] was me getting my ‘soap degree.’ I was so green to that world. We started off great,” Wilson told TV Insider. “I was nervous and it was this whole new platform. I had never gone to a network upfronts. [Streaming] was already catching a wave back then but it wasn’t around long enough.”

But now he feels soap fans are ready and DOOL is ushering in something new that is the wave of the future. “It’s fantastic. That’s the thing – you’re getting so much in addition to DAYS; this platform with incredible content and a library of old and new TV and in better quality,” Wilson said. “We have new cameras at the studio. It’s a new product. You’re not just paying to watch DAYS on a website. It’s a platform filled with content you’re going to watch. I had buddies doing a show on Paramount+. I bought it and now, I get that show and all these others.”

Stream Days of Our Lives weekdays to catch your favorite Salem stars with episodes dropping a 6 am EST each morning.

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