Bringing Up Bates Alum Carlin Bates Stewart Reveals Birth Videos


Carlin Bates

Bringing Up Bates alums, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart welcomed their second child, a boy, about two weeks ago. Now, the couple posted up videos of the birth of their baby, and they came in two parts on YouTube. If watching people struggle with the pain of childbirth triggers you, then perhaps you can read some of our other UPTV news here.

Bringing Up Bates Star Carlin Bates Stewart Had Evan By Her Side

When Zade Patrick Stewart arrived, the couple took a bit of time before they shared his name. Actually, that annoyed some folks, as she revealed the gender of her son quite early on in her pregnancy. Anyway, after that, she posted up plenty of photos and clips of Zade and his big sister, Layla. Right now, the family of four seems to be wrapped in a bubble of love and joy. Notably, when she gave birth to Zade, Evan was with her every step of the way, praying for her, loving her, and encouraging her.

No matter how politely people try and portray childbirth, Bringing Up Bates fans know that the process is extremely painful, exhausting, and usually takes a very long time. The two videos that the couple shared fortunately speeded up the clock on some of the labor. But, the two videos that started with labor pains combined to run for just over 46 minutes. Fans don’t get to see any of the intimate bits of the new mom, but it certainly shows her battling the waves of pain as her son started leaving her body.

Bringing Up Bates Birth Story Videos Reveal A Lot of Love

Reality TV stars see that quite a lot of people share their birth stories. Unlike Audrey Roloff and Maddie brown Brush, Carlin Bates managed to keep hers less about sweat and desperate anguish, and more about love. Even Stewart somehow conveyed the love and compassion he felt for his wife, right through the screen. More people might wish for that than painkillers, as he seemed to really help her deal with the trauma. Say what you like, birth is often traumatic and exhausting. However, every happy mom always says that it’s totally worth it.

Bringing Up Bates Alum Carlin Bates Reveals Birth Videos
The Stewart Fam / YouTube

Bringing Up Bates fans who saw the two videos this weekend commented on them. One of them wrote, “Truly that was the BEST experience I have ever witnessed. From the Nurses to the Doctor, and Evan’s encouraging words you couldn’t ask for better support!! So happy to see this! Congratulations to your little growing family. God Bless!!”

Another fan noted, “I’m crying watching this while holding my napping 3 month old and remembering her birth. 😭 Thank you for being so vulnerable and sharing this! I just love watching births, I’m always amazed at how God made women so strong to give birth. Also, Carlin, you were beautiful through the whole process! And Evan, such great support!”

Why Is Childbirth Painful?

Many Bringing Up Bates fans, like Carlin Bates, are Christians and they believe that God made childbirth painful because Eve was deceived by Satan and she the apple. The book of Genesis says that God said, “I will make your pains in childbearing very severe; with painful labor, you will give birth to children.” 

Well, for unbelievers, it is basically because “A painful childbirth is an evolutionary tradeoff that allows our offspring to have their giant brains, develop as much as they can in the womb, and then be painfully squeezed out at the last possible minute before their heads become bigger than their mothers’ pelvic canals.” That’s according to Frank Vertosick’s book “Why We Hurt: The Natural History of Pain.” 

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