1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Reveals Her Pregancy Food Cravings

Amy Halterman

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Halterman hit the 13th week of her second pregnancy on January 10, 2022. Like she did with baby Gage, she mentioned her pregnancy food cravings right now. Well, fans know that with Gage, Amy fell pregnant before the doctor felt she was at the optimal weight. Actually, Amy struggled with her eating and gained some weight. So, what is she craving the most right now?

1000-Lb Sisters – Pregnant Amy Halterman Talks About Cravings

The news that Tammy’s sister fell pregnant again arrived on January 2, and it took TLC fans by surprise. After all, Gage only turned one year old in November last year. Most fans who saw the news on Instagram were thrilled for her. Recall, she went on her weight loss journey so she could have her own child. Now, she got a double bonus! Plenty of people sent in their congratulations, and fans follow her page closely right now.

With Gage, 1000-Lb Sisters fans saw that Amy Halterman and Tammy featured in a video about food cravings. At the time, Tammy seemed disgusted with Amy’s food preferences while pregnant. She rather liked sour cream and onion chips. That came after she tasted peppermint patties, pineapple, and lasagna. Gummy worms were not high in the list of cravings, and pickles sat down on the list as well. So, is her new pregnancy making her crave the same thing?

1000-Lb Sisters – 13 Weeks Pregnant and Amy Craves Food

Amy Halterman is not alone in craving food during her pregnancy. Almost every woman does, and some of them are very odd. Some folks devour chocolate, or tomatoes, fish, crisps, and various sauces like ketchup or mustard. Almost anything you think of might become urgently desired, resulting in trips to Walmart at odd hours of the night. Fortunately, Amy isn’t craving anything that might pack on the pounds right now.

1000-Lb Sisters Star Amy Halterman Reveals Her Pregancy Food Cravings
Amy Halterman / Instagram



The discussion about her cravings didn’t come in her caption, which said, “13 weeks today.” Instead, the 1000-Lb Sisters star revealed it in reply to a comment by a fan. The fan wrote, “I’m exactly 2 weeks behind you! 😍 excited to follow your journey!” So, Amy asked, “have u been craving anything.” Then, she explained, “Mine is i cant go to bed without eating garlic powder on dill pickle. Healthy snack tho.”

Will Garlic And Dill Pickles Stop Morning Sickness?

1000-Lb Sisters star Amy Halterman seems to crave something that might even help with morning sickness. Romper cited a dietician who noted that “Nausea and morning sickness can be relieved by consuming lemon, ginger flavor, or sour foods.” So, a lot of moms go for the tangy and sour taste of pickles. Meanwhile, the garlic, if eaten in large quantities might actually increase nausea according to The Pregnancy Food Checker. But, as long as she doesn’t eat it by the pound, it probably won’t hurt Amy Halterman.

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