1000-lb Sisters News: Amy Slaton’s Pregnancy Cravings Are Gross

1000-lb Sisters News: Amy Slaton’s Pregnancy Cravings Are Gross1000-lb Sisters news reveals that star Amy Slaton’s pregnancy cravings are quite amazing and she shared her flavor cravings with fans with her sister Tammy Slaton next to her. She had gastric bypass surgery to help in her bid to shed pounds but truthfully it doesn’t sound like she’s doing a lot to keep her weight down. In fact Tammy Slaton had no issue calling her sister out, using the word disgusting to describe her.

Amy Slaton learned of her pregnancy after going to the hospital. On 1000-lb Sisters, she got gastric bypass surgery so she could lose the eight needed to become pregnant—surprise!

1000-lb Sisters News: Stunning Amy Slaton Pregnancy Reveal

She qualified for the elective gastric bypass surgery after losing over 100 pounds. She had to agree to not getting pregnant before the surgery but after surgery she experienced issues with bowel movements. This sent her and her husband Michael Halterman to the emergency room where a doctor said that she must have a pregnancy test in order to get an x-ray. Guess what, the pregnancy test came back positive!

It’s not surprising that 1000-lb Sisters cast member Amy is having pregnancy cravings, plus putting on weight. In order to help her, Tammy and their brother, Chris, tried having a heart to heart talk with Amy about her health and the health of her unborn baby.

1000-lb Sisters News: Tammy Says Her Sister Is Disgusting

She was told that they think she is using the pregnancy as a crutch and when Amy heard this she interpreted it to mean she is a bad person. But they got past it and together the sisters tried to determine her true pregnancy cravings surrounded by foods including strawberries, chips, egg rolls, pineapple, sour patch kids, a pasta bake, and thin mints.

First off Amy tried strawberries and thin mints and when it was offered to her sister she declined and it’s hard to blame her.

1000-lb Sisters News: Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton Experiment With Food

The brave sisters then decide Amy should try lo mein and pickles followed by pineapple and lasagna, peppermint patties and BBQ chips, sour gummy worms and sour cream and onion chips. Believe it or not Amy thinks the last combo is not bad which leads Tammy to claim that she hopes she never gets pregnant. Despite Tammy’s reaction, her sister Amy says that being pregnant is definitely a milestone to look forward to.

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