Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird Celebrates Ella Grace Turning Four

Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird Celebrates Ella Grace Turning Four

Mama June fans agree that Ella Grace, the first child of Pumpkin (Lauryn), and Josh Efird is very cute. Recently, they welcomed their son, and now there’s double the cuteness on Instagram. Well, Ella Grace, a.k.a Tinks just turned four years old and Pumpkin celebrated by sharing plenty of photos.

Mama June – Pumpkin’s Daughter Grows Up So Fast

For such a young mom, Pumpkin took on a lot of responsibility with the two kids. Plus, she took over custody of her little sister, Alana Thompson, (Honey Boo Boo.) In the past, she often shared photos of Honey Boo Boo with Ella Grace. However, that hasn’t happened so much recently. Perhaps it’s because she found a boyfriend, and prefers to hang out with him rather than with a four-year-old. Actually, it’s not clear if she still lives with her big sister.

Mama June fans saw in September that Ellas Grace went for her very first big-girl haircut. At the time, Pumpkin shared photos, and one of them showed her sitting in the chair while the stylist worked on her. Next, she posted some pictures of the new cut. It seemed like an emotional day for her mom as Ella Grace also started back at Pre-K that day. Well, the little kid seemed over the moon that she went along with her mom to the same stylist. Plenty of fans said they couldn’t get over how big Ella is these days.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Shares About Ella Grace Turning 4

Late on December 8, Pumpkin took to her Instagram to share some photos. It looked like her daughter went to a zoo or safari park. Plus, she spent time with her brother. The main photo showed her proudly standing in front of the Christmas tree. The WETV star wrote a long tribute to her daughter and fans agreed it was very sweet.

Mama June Star Pumpkin Efird Celebrates Ella Grace Turniing Four

The Mama June star captioned her post with, “Screaming happy 4th birthday to my sweet, loving, & sassy girl. Ohhh how the years have just flown by.”  Then, she described the way her daughter fills their life with her personality. Pumpkin added, “You’re one of the smartest little ones I know. The way you love me, your daddy, lana, & your sweet bubba just shows what a beautiful soul we’ve created.” That probably explains why Pumpkin  would “move the sun and the moon for y’all Ella Grace.”

Pumpkin Wished Her Little Girl The Best In Life

Not finished yet, the Mama June star also wrote, “I hope today is filled with all your favorite snacks & [is] just…all around an amazing day.” Finally, she wrapped it up by saying, “I can’t wait to continue to watch you grow & do so many amazing things in life. Thank you for being my saving grace when you didn’t even know it ❤️ mommy loves you to the moon 🌙 and back.

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