Audrey Roloff Reveals Her Favorite Place In Her Home

TLC Alums Jeremy and Audrey

Audrey Roloff and her husband Jeremy left Little People, Big World, and went off to do their own thing. She writes books and they both work on beautiful journals together. With her writing skills and his photography, it seems like a perfect combination. They both work from home, and now she revealed her favorite place in it.

Audrey Roloff Welcomed The Third Child In the Home

In November, Audrey and Jeremy welcomed their third child. Little Radley was born safely and he joined Ember and Bode. Fans agree that she’s something of a role model when it comes to parenting. So, many of them told her that Radley’s a lucky little boy. Well, this week she revealed her favorite place in the home, and it’s ideal for the newborn as well. And no, it’s not the nursery if you were wondering.

Audrey Roloff decided that the best place is where it’s nice and warm. Well, Oregon gets really cold over the festive season. It’s not that she doesn’t like the cold and snowy weather. Actually, she loves skiing and got Ember out on the slopes at a very young age. No doubt, Bode and little Radley also learn really young. It’s just that when she’s home, she wants the warmth and the ambiance of being inside. Safe and tucked in for the night, she sounds extremely comfortable there.

Audrey Roloff Has A Favorite Winter Place At Home

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, December 1, she wrote about her favorite place and time in the winter. She’s a good writer, so Little People, Big World fans fully get the picture of her message. In her post, the TLC alum wrote, “Where are my REAL fireplace lovers at?!🔥 Our neighbors think we are crazy for how many cords of wood we get dumped in our driveway every fall😂 but the wood shed is always empty at the end of the season. Jer builds a fire almost every night we are home in the winter and the kids love to help him.”

Audrey Roloff Reveals Her favorite Place In Her Home

In the long post, Audrey Roloff continued on. She talked about “cozy nights” snuggling as they awaited the new baby, Plus, she mentioned the kids who “gather their blankets and stuffies, and then come back down and set up their little Nugget couch cushions in front of the fire so they can ‘watch it.” She talked about the many times they enjoy sitting by the fire. As she points out, they celebrate there, enjoy conversation, share burdens, and joy. She added, “it [sometimes is] a place of prayers and hopes, of plans and quiet considerations. A place of shared stories and of good dreams.” 

TLC Fans Respond In The Comments

Audrey Roloff clearly struck a chord with a lot of fans. One of them wrote, “Nothing warmer than a wood fire. 🔥” Then, another one noted, “Me! I’m here!!😍🔥 Just ever so impatiently waiting for our wood stove to get installed😅😅.”

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Audrey Roloff right now. Come back here often for more Little People Big World spoilers, news, and updates.

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