Royal Family News: Princess Diana’s Voice Coach Helped Her To Be COURAGEOUS and VULNERABLE

British royal family news reveals that Stewart Pearce released a new book titled “Diana: The Voice of Change” that explores the late princess’ evolution from a vulnerable and pained woman to a leader who can speak out on what she believes in.

Royal Family News: Stewart Pearce Wants To Use Princess Diana’s Journey To Help Others

Pearce, whose job is to coach people on their voice and how to use it to give a presentation in different scenarios, has worked with other high-profile and important figures like Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and actor Mark Rylance.

He was introduced to the late princess through a mutual friend a few years before she tragically died in an accident in 1997.

“She knew that her voice was not powerful,” Pearce tells PEOPLE. “She knew that her voice was a voice of submission, not a voice of triumph. She wanted to find that.”

Pearce worked with Diana to bring her to not only feel confident with her voice and herself but to be authentic. He wanted her to keep her compassion and vulnerability — which drew so many people to her — especially when she had to give public speeches, something Pearce said terrified her.

Royal Family: Princess Diana

Pearce recalled one of the occasions when she was “put to the test” while receiving an award in New York City. During her speech, the late Diana spoke about her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, prompting someone from the crowd to shout out “where are they today?”

Diana calmly replied, “They’re at school, as all good children should be, and enjoying themselves.”

“That was a moment of present-mindedness that she had not been able to accomplish before,” he says of the moment. “She then had a 10-minute standing ovation from the audience.”

“That was a real point of triumph, that she was able to move forward and be that present and not feel immediately intimidated by the energy that was being thrown at her, which was rather unfortunate and immensely public,” Pearce continues. “It could have gone anywhere. It was obviously quite an aggressive demand upon her, but she was able to stand her ground, remain absolutely centered and say what she felt.”

Pearce’s new book Diana: The Voice of Change follows the princess on how she progressed from “the demure and pained young woman, seen in the Martin Bashir interview, to the assured, powerful humanitarian leader witnessed in July 1997.”

Royal Family News: Stewart Pearce On Why He Chose Now To Release The Book About The Late Princess

Princess Diana has hugely been back in the spotlight in recent days, what with The Crown, a Broadway musical that tells her story, her upcoming 60th birthday on July 1, a film that focuses on the weekend she presumably decided to leave her husband Prince Charles for good — with Kristen Stewart stepping into the role of the late princess, Harry’s interviews about how his mother Princess Diana’s untimely death affected him massively, and finally, the Martin Bashir incidence, Pearce says it’s the “absolute right time” for the book to debut.

“We’re hearing so much from the empaths of the world,” Pearce says. “I thought, that’s another really great reason to use Diana as the sense that she was and see what she did to allow herself to become more courageous but still stay empathic and vulnerable.”