OutDaughtered Spoilers: Danielle Stresses The IMPORTANCE Of Safety And Privacy For Her Family

OutDaughtered: Danielle Busby

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates tease that mom Danielle just reached two million followers on Instagram. So, she and Adam plan some awesome giveaways. She chatted about it on the way home after a medical procedure on Thursday, May 8. Talking about involving fans in what they should give away, she mentioned the safety and security of her kids.

OutDaughtered Spoilers – Danielle Busby Went For Another Medical Procedure This Week

The latest season of the TLC show just ended and fans saw that all their concern about Danielle requiring heart surgery fell away. At one stage she cried on the screen. The mom of six kids and the wife of Adam Busby felt terribly scared. So, those people who went through various surgeries reassured her. Well, it turned out she came out okay on that side of things. However, she still needs more tests to find out what caused her ill health.

On Thursday, the OutDaughtered mom went for some sort of medical test again. With the kids at school, she and Adam planned for a brunch and some shopping afterward. While he drove the car to their various destinations, Danielle went onto her phone and shared some clips. In them, she mentioned how she feels happy as she hit two million Instagram followers. The TLC stars plan some giveaways soon.

OutDaughtered: Busby family

Giveaways, Safety, And The Kids

The OutDaughtered couple hopes to involve their followers in what they should give away. Adam actually held a nice big giveaway just the other day. Meanwhile, Danielle asked her followers on Stories for ideas on what they should do. In the clip, she talked about considering one big giveaway. Or, perhaps just once a week for a while. She told her fans that many people already responded with ideas.

Actually, the OutDaughtered mom seems happy that so many people send in ideas. However, she and Adam draw the line with some of the suggestions. According to Danielle, people ask for prizes like taking her kids for a day. Or, they ask if they can visit with them. However, Danielle explained that people waste their time asking for those. She told fans they don’t consider any type of “meet and greet” prizes. So, they might as well stop asking as it presents a safety issue. Not to mention, their security is important to the whole family.

OutDaughtered Updates – Adam Busby Seems Very Private And Protective

While Adam and Danielle make an effort to update fans about their lives, Adam still keeps a lot of things private. For example, he talks very little about bis various businesses. If they travel on vacation, the OutDaughtered couple seldom shouts out their whereabouts until they leave, if at all. Imagine if you raised all those cute kids? Naturally, even if they were your fans, you’d take every precaution to protect them from strangers. After all, some really strange people populate the world.

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