Little People Big World Spoilers: Matt Roloff Hosts SHOCKING Family Reunion

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff

Little People Big World spoilers and updates tease that Matt Roloff has started a tradition that he plans to keep for years to come. This came as a surprise to fans of Little People, Big World across the globe as Matt hosted a family reunion in his farmhouse over the past weekend. He hopes that this new tradition would bring his family closer than they ever were.

In attendance were his four children and their spouses, his grandchildren and his ex-wife and her fiancé. He captioned a snapshot that had everyone in attendance saying his clan all came together to enjoy the first annual April Sunny Day Roloff family farm BBQ at his farmhouse Roloff farms.

Little People Big World Spoilers – Why Is This Reunion So Surprising?

Lately, there has been some rumored tension between members of the family. It has been recently reported that Amy and Chris had not invited Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler to their upcoming wedding. This came as a result of Chandler saying she would never attend the event anyways.

Meanwhile, Audrey Roloff has been quite distant from her in-laws for over a few years now. Audrey, Jacob, and his wife, Isabel have been having clashes online. Jacob and his wife are often hurling strong amounts of shade at Audrey and her husband, Jeremy.

Little People Big World

Isabel had expressed shock over Audrey’s book promotion in the wake of the recent insurrection against the U.S Capitol. Isabel had said it is not ‘on brand’ to discuss things like white terrorism then the brand is bullshit. It was not exactly directed to Audrey as it was a general statement but it was interpreted by many to be a deliberate and specific call at her sister-in-law.

Jacob has, however, labeled his brother as a conspiracy theorist should be avoided at all times. Jacob had said this after Jeremy had disseminated dangerous misinformation last year about the causes of wildfire in the Pacific Northwest. Jeremy had said on his Instagram that the fire had been started by arsonists, this view is not supported by a ton of evidence and it contradicts the science behind climate change and how environmental factors are truly to blame for the fire catastrophe.

Jacob had said a lot of people were messaging him concerning his brother’s posts and he tries to talk to him to prevent any form of misinformation. He had said Jeremy should educate and speak to the people around him as resistance to the maximum and easiness of conspiracies is largely important at the moment.

Little People Big World Updates – What Happens After the Reunion?

So far, none of the other family members have posted pictures from the Roloff family reunion except Matt. However, luckily the picture Matt posted shows the family all together happily despite all the tension. Even Jeremy and Jacob acted like loving siblings who got along.

Perhaps, the other family members would later post the pictures from the April Sunny Day Roloff family farm BBQ. And even if they don’t it is nice to see the family together happily.

We hope this is a new beginning for the family and that love would blossom among them.

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