General Hospital (GH) Spoilers: Kimberly McCullough Remembers A Significant GH Milestone

General Hospital: Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough)

General Hospital (GH) spoilers and updates tease that many longtime fans of the ABC soap remember the stunning moment when Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) and Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) took things to the next level. That one instance set into motion a dramatic series of events that reverberated in Port Charles for years to come.

It was on March 23, 1995 that the couple had sex for the first time. McCullough was recently made aware of the anniversary date on social media and her response might make you blush.

General Hospital Spoilers – Robin And Stone Were Historic

She responded to the tweet by saying that she, “was definitely a virgin in real life when we shot this.”

That set in motion a whole lot of fan tweets, some funny, some bittersweet about the storyline and about their own lives.

Before a year had passed, Stone died of AIDS and according to McCullough that story resulted in her “finest moment as an actor.”

General Hospital: Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) and her son

What Is Kimberly McCullough Doing Now?

McCullough fans remember her days onscreen as Robin fondly. She has not been on in some time so what has she been doing lately?

The beautiful and talented actress has made a successful transition to directing. She has worked on the reboot of One Day at a Time, and Roswell, New Mexico, and she just directed two episodes of the upcoming second season of the Disney+ series High School Musical: The Musical — The Series.

General Hospital Updates – What Happens Next In Port Charles?

Robin is living offscreen with her family but her mom Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is still in town and has been in a front-burner storyline. Some fans expected to see Robin at her mom’s marriage to Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton). The ceremony didn’t take place however and in fact, Anna is now reeling from the events of that fateful day. A visit from Robin would be wonderful right about now but fans shouldn’t hold their breath.

Maybe Anna will duck out of town for a breather and go see Robin instead? Anything is possible but for now, Anna must try and pick up the pieces of her life without the man she was in love with. Finn wants nothing to do with her and she has also lost the relationship she had with his daughter. What is next for Anna? Maybe it’s time for her to rekindle the spark she once had with Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers)?

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