EastEnders Spoilers: Dani Dyer, New Mom Claps Back At ‘Rude’ Mom Shaming Trolls

Danny and Dani Dyer

EastEnders spoilers and updates tease that the daughter of star Danny Dyer (Mick Carter), Dani Dyer, is clapping back at online trolls who criticize her about how she is raising her seven-week-old son Santiago.

She recently talked to Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton on Made By Mammas The Podcast and hit out at unhelpful mommy shamers.

The former Love Island winner told the hosts that it was hard being subjected to insensitive trolling. Of the abuse, she said, “I don’t think anyone can ever teach you.”

EastEnders Spoilers – Dani Dyer Claps Back

She shared that some people have told her that she must be used to it saying, “oh I bet you’re used to it because your dad was in the public eye,” but I was like, “no, because the comments were never directed towards me.”

Dani Dyer

She added, “My dad would get trolling and all negative [stuff] but because it wasn’t me I thought all that stuff was bizarre. When it’s your dad it’s pathetic what they’re saying but when it’s actually you, it hurts.”

Dani explained, “Now, as a mother, you do get messages from women that aren’t helpful, they’re not supportive and they say things that you think I don’t really need this right now. Sometimes they can be helpful saying “my baby did this”, or “I did that”, but when they’re just really rude it’s not helpful.”

Dani Dyer Is Danny Dyer’s Daughter

She went on to describe one of the times unhelpful fans tried to school her saying, “I remember putting him in a coat and I took him on a little walk, I thought oh he looks cute let me take a picture of him in the car seat while he’s sleeping, and I had messages off women saying, ‘you’re going to make him suffocate, he’s going to overheat in the car.’”

The trolling went on with someone saying, “If you have a car crash he’s not going to be safe, he’s not going to be protected in a car crash.’ I thought oh my god why are you even saying that to me? Chill out! I’ve had a lot of that.”

EastEnders Updates – Dani Dyer Is A First Time Mom

But not everyone has been unkind to her on social media. According to Dani, “I love how on Instagram there is a real community, and women are lovely and supportive, and really put a smile on your face, I get messages like ‘oh Dan, keep doing you, you’re doing well but when you get negative stuff and you’re feeling emotional it can be a little bit tough.”

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