Counting On Spoilers: Anna Duggar Pregnant For The Seventh Time In Instagram Photo

Counting On: The Duggar Family

Counting On spoilers and updates tease that rumors making the rounds have it that star of the Counting On reality series, Anna Duggar has taken in for the seventh time. The rumors began after she was seen with a pregnancy bump in an Instagram video shared by Jessa Duggar. The post has since been taken down by him. Ever since then, fans of the Duggar family have not come across Anna in any of the Instagram posts by members of the Duggar family. Well, Anna couldn’t hide from the eagle eyes of Counting On buffs for long.

Counting On Spoilers – Anna Hiding Her Baby Bump?

In a recent post on Instagram to celebrate her baby shower, Susan Keller uploaded several photos to mark the occasion. In the photos, Anna is seen standing in a position that hides her baby bump. Susan Keller who is the sister of Anna invited a lot of guests to the special occasion. In the family photo uploaded, Anna seems to hide her body by standing in the back. In all the pictures uploaded on Instagram, only the upper part of Anna’s body is seen.

Fans were quick to make comments under the photos, saying that Anna had the appearance of a pregnant woman.

The Duggar Family: Anna Duggar

The Seventh Pregnancy Could Be Announced In The Next Episode

TLC announced a new episode of the Counting On series that will be aired on their network to the delight of numerous fans. The premiere date for the new episode has been slated for the night of March the 30th. TLC did not give a detailed description of events that will take place during the episode, leaving fans to make guesses. A lot of fans do feel that an announcement of Anna Duggar’s seventh pregnancy will be among the things to look forward to in the new episode.

Before now, Anna revealed that she was planning to give birth to a seventh child for Josh Duggar. Though she was not pregnant at that time she disclosed her plans. All the more reason why Counting On fans believe that she will drop the joyful news in the new episode.

The new episode is one that fans of the show will be looking forward to with eagerness.

Counting On Updates – Anna Duggar’s Kids Have Grown Up…So Fast!

Anna has uploaded adorable pictures of her kids and her husband, Josh on Instagram to the delight of fans. She recently uploaded a photo on social media showing all her six kids. In the picture, the kids are seen to be playing with toys in one corner or the other of the room. She said that she is always full of joy at the sight of her kids playing with their toys.

She also commented on how fast they have all grown, sentiments shared by lots of Counting On fans.

Anna has often received praise from fans of the reality show for her good parenting skills. Fans were particularly in love with a picture uploaded by the reality star showing the kids reading from the Holy Bible