Return To Amish Spoilers: Sabrina Burkholder Pregnant With Fourth Child

Return to Amish: Sabrina Burkholder

Return to Amish spoilers and updates teases that Sabrina Burkholder from Breaking Amish and Return to Amish is expecting her fourth child. Sabrina isn’t on social media very often, so many of her fans discovered that she was pregnant on the new trailers for the show.

Return To Amish Spoilers – No Hints Yet

As with most shows on TLC, the cast members have an NDA where they must keep their secrets and not post spoilers on social media.

Sabrina has posted here and there on social media, but according to her Instagram, the last thing she shared was before the announcement came about the new season of Return to Amish.

Return to Amish: Sabrina Burkholder

Fans of the show are also curious if Sabrina and Jethro are still together. The last thing that he posted was on Facebook and that was back in October. They were still together then, so it seems as if they are still going strong. Some fans think that the main reason that they have not posted on social media is that they may give away hints. It really isn’t easy if you spend a lot of time on social media to keep secrets.

Return To Amish Updates – Sabrina’s Criminal Past

Sabrina has quite the checkered past, but she is trying to remain sober and rebuild her life. Her parole officer got a chance to clear her for the show and she is ready to change her life for her children. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have her own battles still, but she is doing her best to work her way back to where she wants her life to be.

Many fans are concerned about where her first two children are. She told fans, “They are adopted, they live with family. But I can’t say anything else about them. I promised their mother that I would leave them out of the spotlight… They are doing great though.” Sabrina does have custody of her son, Zekiah and she is happy that she gets to see him every day!

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