Unpolished Spoilers: ‘Grandma Foxy’ Martone Struggled With The Effects Of COVID

Unpolished spoilers and updates tease that fans love to see “Grandma Foxy” Martone at the salon. She has a lot of bragging rights, being that she has been in the salon business for a long time. She has found herself doing a lot of crazy things to keep herself sane during the pandemic, but fans love how positive she is and how her sense of humor has not changed one bit.

Unpolished Spoilers – Grandma Foxy Struggles 

When we first met Foxy on Unpolished, Lexi Martone told fans, “We call her Foxy Grandma because, I mean, look at her. She’s Foxy.” She is 77 years old, her real name is Eleanor Varuzzi and she really does keep the family up and running. She has been in the salon industry for decades and Lexi and Bria Martone really look up to her.

Foxy really wanted to go back to work, even in the midst of the pandemic. Foxy has never liked anyone else to tell her what to do and she won’t change this one bit. She was very unhappy when the state of New York told salons to close and quarantine. She doesn’t like sitting still so this was tough for her. Foxy has so many regular customers and when she was told that work wouldn’t be safe for her, she was very upset.

Unpolished Updates – Grandma Foxy Overcomes The COVID crisis

Foxy reached out to her fans and started answering some questions about her life. She told Lexi that she loves taking care of her seniors and “they make me my money.”

Foxy has gone to a lot of nursing homes to get new customers because she feels that they all deserve a chance to look good no matter where they are. She told Lexi that she did her husband’s hair for fifty years, “He doesn’t go to a barber. I make him look gorgeous.”

She told fans that being back to work, after the quarantine, has really made things great for her. She loves her customers and she loves doing hair. We are proud of her for hanging tough and we love seeing her on the show. Stay tuned for more Unpolished on TLC.

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