The Little Couple Spoilers: Jen Arnold Shares Vaccine Ordeal

TLC The Little Couple spoilers and updates reveal that Jen Arnold was excited to share that she went for the first round of the COVID-19 vaccine. She is getting ready for the second round and is very happy that medical professionals are able to get these vaccines so early on.

There has been a lot of controversy concerning the vaccine and many horror stories about side effects and Jen is happy to answer fan questions.

The Little Couple Spoilers – Jen Arnold Reassures Her Fans

As soon as Jen told her fans that she was getting the vaccine, many of them were happy for her, while others were worried. There have been many reports that have called out the side effects of the vaccine and that has made people very fearful of it. Jen wants her fans to know that she feels fine after having the vaccine, and just had a sore arm for a few days.

When Jen posted the video of herself getting the second shot, her fans were very concerned for her health.

There were also many of her followers that thanked President Trump for getting the vaccine out so quickly. Fans had very strong opinions about how they are against the vaccine and how this is all a hoax. Jen, who is a doctor, kept her comments to herself even though her followers continued to push her to talk about it.

The Little Couple Updates – Jen Arnold Trying To Do The Best She Can

Most of the side effects from the comments said that they got headaches and a very sore arm and that seems to be about it. There were still many followers that were not kind to Jen or the others who said that they were pro-vaccine.

It seems a bit rude that her followers would make political comments on her video. She is a doctor and probably tired of hearing all about the different hoax theories these people have. She is just doing the best thing for her and her family and trolls should realize that too.

If you want to see more of Jen getting her vaccines, she has posted videos of them on her Instagram account. We are proud of her for sharing what she has done for her patients and her family.

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