Sister Wives Spoilers: Should Kody Brown Use More Tact When Discussing Private Family Matters?

Sister Wives

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that recently the Browns visited their friends the Dargers in Utah. Kody was very vocal about babies and his disagreement about his family life. Should Kody use more tact when discussing private family matters?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Robyn Brown Was Very Upset

Sister Wives Robyn Brown was very upset with her husband discussing his ideas on having more children. Robyn is the only wife that has any interest in having children and maybe the only wife who can have more. However, as Robyn stated, “Kody acts as if he is the one who bears these children”, but he’s not. Kody has fifteen natural-born children and three adopted ones. Meri Brown was told years ago that she could not have another child without medical interference.

Kody refused to help Meri try to have another child and they moved on from there. Both Sister Wives cast members Janelle Brown and Christine Brown have made it plain to Kody that they want no more children. This only leaves Robyn who has the youngest of the Brown children. Still, Kody questions before the Darger family if he is done having children. Should this not be a private conversation with his wife?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown and Kody Brown

Kody Brown Wants A One Family Home

Sister Wives Kody has no desire to continue going from house to house. Kody wants his family all in one home where all of his children are under the same roof. Kody wants his children to have the same relationship that the older children had. Before Robyn came into the family, Kody and his other wives lived in the same house. After going public, Kody and his family fled Utah and they have lived separately ever since. Both Kody and Janelle want to live in the same home, Christine is the only wife dead set against it. Will the wives ever agree to live together again?

Sister Wives Updates – Kody Brown Only Sees His Side

Sister wives Kody has no desire to see where his wives are coming from, especially when they disagree with him. Kody feels that he is the leader and the wives should follow. However, Kody is not the only one responsible for the move to Arizona, Robyn wanted this as well. Unfortunately, this move has put the family in more debt and nothing is getting done. The family hasn’t even started to build on the property they have purchased in Flagstaff. Will the Brown family build their home or individual homes in Arizona? Will Kody push until he gets the one-family home?

Sister wives Kody needs to consider his wives’ feelings before bringing up their life choices in front of friends. Will Kody ever learn to keep private things private?

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