Royal Family News: Prince Charles Debuts A Half-Term Project For Schoolkids

British royal family news reveals that Prince Charles has launched a new video in which he addresses lockdown challenges and urges young people to learn about the amazing wonders that the natural world has to offer.

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Is An Environmentalist

Prince Charles has spent decades advocating for the environment and now he is encouraging young people to do the same. He has given youngsters six challenges to engage in while they engage in a week-long school break.

The activities which are to be carried out in the natural world include decorating pebbles, stones, and shells, spotting birds, and planting seeds.

He debuted the initiative with a video message in which he talked about the frustrations of being kept indoors by the coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

He noted that this period of time has been, “an incredibly hard year for everyone.”

“So, here’s a challenge for you. While you have a little time off from all your online learning, can you encourage your family to go out with you to take a really close look at the wonderful things nature is now doing, and how the same patterns occur over and over again?”

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Has Launched A New Project

He added, “See for instance, how many birds you can spot; plant the seeds left from cooking vegetables and see how long it takes them to sprout; decorate pebbles, stones, or shells. But whatever you do, look closely.”

In the video he went on to say, “Notice the way nature organizes everything so precisely, using the sorts of shapes I’m sure you have drawn in school with a pair of compasses – circles, spirals, five-pointed stars.”

“I promise you, once you start looking at nature and searching for these common shapes, you will see them everywhere. And that’s because they are so useful to nature.”

“The more you look at every leaf or seed or feather, you see that they have so much in common; they all work in the same way to keep life going.”

Royal Family News: Prince Charles Wants To Encourage Environmentalism

The project runs until Saturday, February 20, and involves six of the Prince’s patronages – Garden Organic, Elephant Family, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, The Wildlife Trusts, and the Prince’s Foundation.

The daily tasks will be announced on Charles’ Clarence House Instagram page. Each project is accessible wherever children may live and can be carried out locally, with only walking involved.

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