Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Son Archie Has to get the Sovereign’s Permission to Marry

Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Son Archie Has to get the Sovereign’s Permission to MarryBritish Royal Family news reveals call it a situation in which one can take the prince out of The Firm but one cannot take the royal out of the prince. Case in point, Prince Harry, Duke Of Sussex and Meghan Markle’s young son Archie.

His mom and dad moved mountains and navigated oceans to escape the monarchy and yet after all of their finagling and bus tossing their son may have to be a part of the dreaded monarchy after all. That’s because a new document suggests that Archie will automatically be held inside the bosum of the monarchy his parents fled, if only in title.

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The U.K.’s Express has reported that as soon as his grandfather, Prince Charles, takes the throne Archie will keep his place in the line of succession and at that point officially become a prince. Archie will have the option to be called His Royal Highness as well. Given his mom’s penchant to be called a Duchess even though she snubbed the country that gave the title to her, might Archie follow in his mom’s footsteps by trying to eat his cake and have it, too?

Will Archie take after his mom in eschewing the royal family but retaining his royal title when it suits his purpose?

It’s well documented that Harry and Meghan deliberately chose not to give Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor a title when he was born. Nonetheless, Harry and Meghan can choose to raise Archie with a title; for now. At age 18, he has the right to choose to use or not.

Additionally, according to the Express, Archie is sixth in line to the throne after Charles ascends and that will make him subject to the 2013 Succession to the Crown Act.

Archie Has A Nonroyal Life In The U.S. But He Has A Title At His Disposal

The 2013 Succession to the Crown Act means that Archie must ask the monarch for permission to marry. Like we can really see that happening; at this point he knows his security guards better than he knows his paternal family members, thanks to his parents.

Would poor Archie really have to ask Charles, or his uncle, William to marry his intended? Believe it or not Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, the children of William and Kate Middleton, are also subject to this corny rule.

For now, Archie can be left to his toys and toilet training. The future is a long way off and by then anything can happen. Will there even be a monarchy at that point? Stranger things have happened, and Megxit is a perfect example of that.

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