Mark Wahlberg’s Daughter Grace Margaret Wahlberg Turns 11 Years Old

Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Grace Margaret Wahlberg Turns 11 Years OldMark Wahlberg news reveals that Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg and his model wife Rhea Durham have two beautiful daughters, Ella Rae and Grace Margaret as well as two sons Michael and Brendan Joseph. Grace recently turned 11-years old, a milestone celebrated by her mom on her Insta.

Mark Wahlberg News: The Actor Has Two Sons and Two Daughters

The caption read: Happy Happy Birthday Grace 💜You’ve come a long way……😇.” The first pic shows 11-year old Grace looking very pleased with a huge chocolate chip covered carmel apple in her hands. She is smiling at the camera and we would be too if we had that amazing treat!

The second pic shows little Grace on a skateboard and she is much younger! The little tyke is dressed head to toe in protective gear including helmet and arm and knee pads.

Mark Wahlberg News: The Protective Dad Recently Spoke Out

Last year Mark Wahlberg told Ellen about an incident that occurred at a father-daughter dance he attended with Grace. Mark revealed that an altercation occurred over the DJ’s inappropriate choice of songs. He explained: “I’m sitting there with one other dad and I’m like, ‘this is not an edited version of this song.’ There are explicit lyrics being played at a school dance for girls, no good, I told the DJ, I said, ‘What are you doing? I’m hearing f-bombs and this and that’, that’s not okay.”

Mark Wahlberg's Daughter Grace Margaret Wahlberg Turns 11 Years Old

We admire his protective stance even though he has called it being an overprotective parent when it comes to his four children.

Mark Wahlberg News: Do You Remember When Mark Wahlberg Was Marky Mark?

Wahlberg is the younger brother of Donnie Wahlberg of the successful boy band, New Kids on the Block. He was one of the group’s original members, but only for a few months.

In 1990, Wahlberg began recording with a group that called itself Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. They had a hit with “Good Vibrations” from their debut album Music for the People, which later certified as a platinum single. The second Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch LP, You Gotta Believe, yielded only a minor hit single, but he had made his ‘mark’ so to speak!

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch also had their own video game, titled Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch: Make My Video. Marky Mark opened for the New Kids on the Block during their last tour.

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