Netflix’s Bridgerton News: 5 Reasons Everyone Loves Nicola Coughlin (Penelope Featherington)

Netflix’s Bridgerton News: 5 Reasons Everyone Loves Nicola Coughlin (Penelope Featherington)Netflix’s Bridgerton news and updates reveal she’s smart, she’s fun, she’s spunky and she likes to call herself a “small Irish acting person” on Instagram. She also happens to be one of the stars of the biggest Netflix originals that everyone is watching right now: Bridgerton. Of course, we are talking about Nicola Coughlan and plays Penelope Featherington on the hit Netflix series . Here are five things that you need to know about her.

#1 Nicola Coughlan Was Born In Ireland

Even though she can still pull off looking like a teenager on the small screen, Nicola Coughlan was actually born in 1997 in Galway, Ireland. While there’s no doubt that Nicola is an Irish girl at heart, she now resides and works in London.

#2 Nicola Coughlan Is A Star On Derry Girls

If Nicola looks familiar, it’s because she’s already a Netflix star (at least for her fans in the U.S.). Nicola stars in the highly popular Derry Girls as her character, Clare Devlin. The Channel 4 series follows a group of troubled teens from Derry, Northern Ireland in the 1990s. Although it was renewed for a third series in 2020, it is currently on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

#3 Nicola Coughlan’s Personal Life

While there’s no doubt that we are still learning everything that needs to be known about this witty, clever, sexy and uber talented young actress, reports indicate that Nicola is currently single. Her best friend though happens to be Jonathan Van Ness of Queer Eye fame.

#4 Nicola Coughlan’s Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

Just recently the blonde beauty clapped back at some of the Bridgerton critics who weren’t a fan of the show’s diversity. She wrote on Twitter, “You know the way some people were like ‘Diversity in period drama doesn’t work’….63 million households thought it did tho so. Remember people were trying to downvote the show on IMDB cos it was so diverse? You can’t downvote us being Netflix fifth biggest original release ever.”

#5 Nicola Coughlan Promotes Body Positivity

Nicola is not shy about talking about her curves. When she found out that she was cast as the ‘big’ Featherington sister in Bridgerton, Nicola told The Guardian, “It was wild because I was size 10 filming series one and I got called ‘the big one’! I was like, ‘Are you serious?!’ I’m not this gigantic sumo wrestler, and even if I were, would it matter? Would it be relevant? It’s referenced, but it’s not the defining characteristic of Penelope. I think that’s what bothers me: we try and reduce women to the size of their body and there’s so much more than that.”

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