Kelly Kruger Has The Cutest Helper In The Kitchen

Kelly Kruger Has The Cutest Helper In The Kitchen

The Young and the Restless star Kelly Kruger has the most adorable helper in the kitchen. The actress shared a new photo of her daughter Everleigh looking sweet as a button while her mother is cleaning up the kitchen after baking a cake for dad, The Bold and the Beautiful star Darin Brooks. Here’s what she has to say.

Sharing a photo of Everleigh looking ever so sweet and adorable while firmly and safely placed on her mother’s back, Kelly wrote just last week,

“Zero personal space (please note the dog at my feet) What’s your fav birthday cake?? I made a Boston cream pie on my stories, accidentally said it wasn’t dairy free because there were eggs in it. Everyone came at me reminding me eggs aren’t dairy. So I basically made a vegetarian friendly, keto, gluten free, low carb, grain free cake for @theedarinbrooks birthday. What’s the point in even having cake? Also, If u need me, I’ll be standing here washing dishes till tomorrow.”

Of course, it didn’t take very long for Kelly’s fans to respond to the photo. Quite a few left comments such as, “That little girl is perfect are you sure you don’t have a wig on her LOL. I have never seen a baby with such perfect hair,” along with, “You’re such a good mommy.. your baby girl is the cutest, and your cake will be delicious.”

Another fan wrote, “She is so adorable and growing up quickly! Yeah.. With a puppy and a baby, you’ve got zero personal space for sure! You guys have always been my favorite daytime television family. Here’s hoping that Darin and everyone else at The Bold and the Beautiful can get back to work though. We our missing our new episodes!”

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