Daniel Goddard Has Nothing But Pride For His Son Ford

The Young and the Restless actor Daniel Goddard is making one thing pretty clear: he is incredibly proud of his son, Ford. And that’s not just because he’s 13, he’s talented, well-mannered, and incredibly handsome, but because he’s managed to rise above all of the difficult challenges that many young kids his age face every day. Here’s what he has to say.

Sharing a new selfie of him with his pride and joy next to him, Daniel posted a very special message for his son. He wrote,

“Can you feel my pride?! It’s bursting out of me like one of those creatures out of #Aliens! Cause this is my oldest. And let me tell u… being 13 in this day and age is soooo much harder than when we were kids. The pressure on them comes from so many different angles now and on so many different levels… (who has teens and knows what I mean?) but Ford you are facing it all like a champ! The work load at school… the social load because of #SocialMedia that we never had to deal with! And I’m so proud of you! Never let the world get you down… EVER enjoy your summer break you have earned it!!!!”

If that weren’t enough, Daniel also said that his message is for all of the young kids out there who need to hear his words. He added, “And this applies to everyone OUT THERE READING THIS! The world can be tough and people can be cruel! but just know this! “This too shall pass!” & that “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore!” I’ve got your back till the day I die… never forget that. You are loved!”

Awww! Daniel seems like such an incredible and thoughtful father. We absolutely love it whenever he shares personal thoughts and photos of his family life with us. He truly is a great role model for many celebrity dads out there in the entertainment world. Do you agree?

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