The Young & The Restless Star Jason Thompson Shares Sweet Shot of his daughter Bowie Banjo

Jason Thompson loves his big girl!

The Young & The Restless actor took to Instagram to share a sweet shot of his youngest daughter 2-year-old Bowie Banjo with his fans. 

“Baby girl. #RomeCoco 📷 @carythestrange @highlylikelycafe,” the actor captioned the shot of the little girl holding her papa’s legs.

Thompson who also played Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital is married to Paloma Jonas. They also share a younger daughter named Rome Coco. She is just 1-year-old.

The actor often takes to Instagram to share moments from his family life. He recently shared a heartwarming message to his wife on their anniversary.

“I feel like this is a moment we still have often. “We did it! We’re doing it! Nice work! Give me some! The kids are sleeping and it’s 7:30!” 4 years ago. 2 kids, lots of changes. And so many beautiful memories. I would say I couldn’t love you more..but the truth is, I do with passing time. I don’t have the words to say how happy and thankful I am our kids have you as their mother. It’s a feeling I have multiple times a day. I love you sweet girl. Happy anniversary. And to all our loved ones who were there with us.. Happy Anniversary and that you for your continued support. Love you all.”

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