Beat Airplane Boredom with Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magical Movers

Many parents will tell you that one of the main reasons why they don’t travel on long-haul flights with their children is that they are scared of the long plane journeys. After all, there’s only so much screen time you can have on a flight across the pond. There is also the possibility of cranky toddler meltdowns, fatigue or tireless children that want to use the in-flight cabin as their personal playground.

With a 6-year-old and 2-year-old twins, I know the feeling all too well. But as my children are seasoned travelers, we’ve managed to find simple ways and solutions to keep everyone well occupied on long-haul flights. From Greece to Italy and even Japan to Thailand, they’ve clocked in plenty of sky miles on our whirlwind adventures. That’s why we bring along travel-friendly games and toys, such as the Disney Princess Little Kingdom and Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magical Movers on our trips. My girls are huge Disney fans and these products are a great way for them to bring a few of their favorite items from their playrooms without having to lug their big and oftentimes heavy princess dolls.

My girls always want to keep their hands busy and with the Disney Princess Little Magic Kingdom set, they get to play out enchanting stories with their favorite characters. The Play ‘n Carry Castle has built-in storage for girls to store and organize their collection of Snap-ins pieces in one place and is easy to pack in carry on luggage. Also, the accessories are big enough that you don’t have to worry about losing them on the plane. In between coloring, watching movies and playing on their iPads, they also play with their toys in other to pre-occupy them during flights, especially during turbulence or bumpy flights.

With the magical movers, your child gets to explore a motion-filled world of play by activating the doll’s movements. Kids can play out their own stories with their favorite characters and add twirling action to their princess play. It’s also a great toy to carry on in your luggage for air travel as it’s small enough for your child to play within their seat. My girls love the doll, especially each time they get to see her spin and twirl. All you need to do is pull the string to charge her and watch the magic happen right before your very own eyes.

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The Disney Princess Little Kingdom Play ‘n Carry Castle set retails for about $22. The dolls are approximately 3 inches tall and come with two snap-ins to mix and match their looks. It also comes with a vanity set. The Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magical Movers retail for about $7.99 and are suitable for ages 4 and up. The set includes the doll and base. Both sets are available on Amazon for purchase.

Tell us, where are your family adventures taking you this year? Whether you are traveling overseas or staying close to home, The Disney Princess Little Kingdom and the Disney Princess Little Kingdom Magical movers are a great way for your kids to have fun.

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