Tips For Taking Toddlers To Disneyland

If you have a family vacation planned for Disney this year, these tips for taking toddlers to Disneyland will come in handy. Toddlers can enjoy so much of the park, but they will be frustrated, tired and cranky at points of your journey. Use these tips to keep your sanity, and give your kids the best Disneyland experience ever.

Bring the stroller. Hands down this will be the most beneficial item you will bring with you to the park. Toddlers will just get too tired to walk long before you and older kids will. Save your back from having to carry them by putting them in a stroller for those times when they are just too tired to walk. Make sure to pack the canopy part to cover them in shade as well.

Reapply sunscreen and keep them hydrated. Younger kids sensitive skin will burn much faster than an older child will. Make sure to not only apply sunscreen at the start of the day but multiple times throughout the day.

Ride the train or monorail a lot. These are two of the best tips for taking toddlers to Disneyland. The train and monorail offer a great place to cool off, rest and the motion will often lull them to sleep for a much needed afternoon nap. Toddlers will fight sleep, but this can be your saving grace in the park. 

Go to the shows on Main Street or Frontierland for a break. Tired of walking but don’t want to leave the park yet? Go to one of the shows for a cool indoor break that will entertain without having to walk or ride in the sun. 

Stick to Fantasyland and Toon Town for most rides. While every land in Disneyland has great rides, these two have the most that are suitable for younger kids to enjoy. Tomorrowland is tons of fun, but not as great for toddlers. 

Pack snacks and water. You can refill water for free all over the park, but packing some simple snacks in your bag is a good idea. Granola bars, fruit, trail mix and similar are all great choices for keeping little tummies happy without being loaded with fat and sugar like most of the snacks in the park.

Spend more than one day in the park. Invest in multiple day passes to make your experience better. You won’t have to rush to see everything in one day, and you’ll be able to go back to your room and rest as needed throughout your days in the park. Being well rested will make your experience better overall.

When you head to Disneyland for a vacation with your family, these tips for taking toddlers to Disneyland will come in handy. Not only will you be able to enjoy the park more yourself, you will ensure they are having the best possible time in Disneyland. Giving your kids a great experience is what these vacations are all about. Spend the time focusing on their fun and less time stressing overseeing every little thing in the park.


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