Drew Barrymore Feels “Cultured” on Museum Day With Frankie

It’s never too early to open the eyes of children!

Drew Barrymore took to Instagram to share a shot of a special day with her youngest daughter Frankie at an exhibit of Edvard Munch paintings at Museum.

In the shot, the youngster looks thoughtful while observes a painting as she leans on her toy baby stroller. 

#artwithkids Frankie observing Edvard Munch. She brought her stroller and walked and rattled all through the museum! It’s not always easy to get kids to sit without a device at a restaurant or be excited to go to the museum, but if you just keep at it… over the years it all starts to fall into place. Sometimes a treat incentive helps of course. Sometimes it just magically works. Eventually your at the brunch table with your kids and their not running around or crying. They are sitting and drawing and going along with the program like civilized tiny creatures. And in this moment, here is my daughter, looking at a painting! It didn’t last too long until she wanted to go, but for a good while we played the game of which is your favorite painting and things were calm. Being with my favorite little lady and feeling cultured! So fun watching them grow. I am feeling very nostalgic. Proud,” Barrymore captioned the photo.

Barrymore who was thrust into the limelight at the age of five with little guidance says she is trying to raise her children differently than how she was raised. 

“I’m an overachiever parent, and not because I think I’m going to repeat the patterns of my parents,” she explained in an interview with Good Housekeeping. “That’s not my fear — I’ve already broken that pattern in my life. But having grown up in the opposite way, I’m raising my children with all consistency, all protection. This is my chance to get it right.”

The actress is also mom to daughter Olive

She co-parents her children with ex-husband Will Kopelman.