The Best Halloween Monster Pops for Kids

I have always loved celebrating Halloween and I tend to go all out! From baking, decorating costumes and more I love everything Halloween. I also try to get my three daughter’s involved in the lead up to the festivities. That’s why I love these easy-to-make Halloween Marshmallow Monster pops. Not only are the pops super cute for Halloween, but children love making and eating them! 

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8-10 large marshmallows
8-10 Wilton candy sticks (for these I used the thinner sticks, I couldn’t find any short ones so I simply used kitchen scissors and cut them in half)
Variety of fun Wilton 12 oz. chocolate candy melts – I used Red, Orange, Purple and Green for my monsters.
1-2 packages of small Wilton candy googly eyes
3-4 small sandwich baggies

Directions – 

#1. Place each marshmallow on a candy stick and set aside. 

#2. Place each variety of Wilton candy melts in a separate microwave safe dish. Heat them one a time in 30-second increments. Stir every 30 seconds until melted and allow to cool 3-4 minutes before dipping your monsters. 

#3. Take one marshmallow at a time and cover with chocolate. Use a spoon to help completely coat them. I just did a variety with 2-3 in each color that I melted. Add 2-3 googly eyes to each monster while the chocolate is still wet. 

Set the dipped monsters on a plate and repeat with the other marshmallows. Once they are all dipped and they all have eyes, set the plate in the fridge for 15-20 minutes so the chocolate sets up.

 #4. While your monsters are in the fridge scoop a few tablespoons of one color of melted chocolate into each sandwich baggie and snip the end. 

#5. Remove the monster from the fridge and give them each some hair by squeezing the chocolate out onto the top of their heads. No need to be neat – have fun with it cause monsters are fun! 

Once they all have a head of hair place back in the fridge for another 15 minutes to set. 

*Makes 8-10 servings. 1 monster marshmallow = 1 serving. If not serving immediately, store in a cool and dry place so that the chocolate does not melt. 


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