Watermelon Popsicles Kids Will Love

Kids love popsicles!

Summertime is perfect for cool refreshing treats like these healthy homemade watermelon popsicles. I enjoy making my own because it’s easy to do and they’re much fresher than store bought popsicles. Children will love the watermelon taste and the surprise fresh fruit inside. 


1 small watermelon, cut in half
Fresh fruit of your choice – I used fresh strawberries chunk into small chunks, whole blueberries and raspberries cut in half. Any fruit would work so use what your kids will eat! 
2 Popsicle 4ct molds
Popsicle sticks (optional, I used these rather than the popsicle lids) 


#1. Puree the ½ watermelon in a food processor. Using a small ¼ C. measuring cup, add ¼ C. of the pureed watermelon to each popsicle mold. 

#2. Next, add 3-4 of each fresh fruit filling to the watermelon and use a popsicle stick to push the fruit down. Top with a little bit more watermelon puree if desired. 

#3. Place the tops on molds and freeze. 

**If you would prefer to use popsicle sticks as shown in the photos, cover each mold with a small sheet of saran wrap. Use a knife to make a slit directly in the center and place your popsicle stick through the hole. Easy! 

Watermelon Popsicles Kids Will Love

*Makes 8 regular size popsicle molds. 1 popsicle = 1 serving.  

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Watermelon Popsicles Kids Will Love

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