Combating Morning Sickness When Pregnant With Twins

Combating Morning Sickness When Pregnant With Twins

When I look back on my pregnancy with Ella and Rose, there’s just one major thing that stands out. The morning sickness was horrendous. Of course, this wasn’t my first pregnancy; I’d experienced sickness before. Still, something about carrying twin babies made all the symptoms way worse than they were the first time around. I would constantly throw up and feel ill at the mere sight of food. 

Needless to say, I knew that something had to be done sooner rather than later. I asked everyone I knew to help me, from my doctor to my girlfriends. Here’s some of the best advice that I got back then.

Eat small meals regularly

If you’re used to eating three large meals per day, it’s time to quit it. Doing so will only make you feel sick after every meal. You need extra calories when you’re pregnant. That’s a given. Still, you just can’t stomach large plates of food. That’s why you should graze on healthy foods throughout the day. Stock up on snacks you can eat whenever and wherever you are.

Avoid nasty smells

Smells used to set off a bout of sickness when I was pregnant! If the same thing is happening to you, I’d suggest just avoiding them. Don’t take the trash out or go to public restrooms when you can avoid doing so. Trust me, this one works.

Make sure you take your vitamins

I know I sound like I’m being a nag, but this is some solid advice. You need to make sure that you take your vitamins when you’re pregnant. Getting a decent multivitamin will help calm your stomach more than you know. Talk to your doctor and figure out what works for you.

Eat yogurt and drink milk

You may not feel like anything milky or creamy, but trust me, this works. Between meals, you should eat a little yogurt (make sure it’s plain!) and drink milk. These two things will help keep your sickness at bay and they are healthy for your baby.

Drink some weak tea

If you feel that you need a hot drink, try sipping on some weak tea throughout the day. You won’t be able to handle anything strong like coffee right now, but the tea should help. Having a pot of it on your table could make all the difference.

Avoid spicy foods

When I was carrying Rose and Ella, I craved curry more than any other food. There was just one problem… It made me awfully sick. I’m sorry to say it, but avoiding spicy foods is probably the best way to avoid sickness.

Contact your doctor!

If you’re struggling with morning sickness and nothing seems to help, go see your doctor. Mine was so very helpful when I was at my worst and I’m certain yours will be too. Good luck. 

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