6 Fun Ways to Countdown to Your Trip to Walt Disney World

6 Fun Ways to Countdown to Your Trip to Disney

The waiting for a fun vacation can be nearly unbearable! Make it a Disney trip and it’s even harder to wait. Help the kids (and yourself) tick off the days with a fun countdown, I have 6 ideas for you below including a FREE Countdown Printable.

Make a paper chain – Do you remember making paper chains every year to countdown to Christmas? They are good for a lot more than just that, they are the perfect activity to keep a tangible record of the days that have passed and the days still to come before your trip.Use Mickey colors or those of your favorite princess, villain, or hero.

Lego creation – If your child(ren) love LEGO’s they will find it a great way to pass the time by making a Disney Themed creation every day leading up to the big event. Here are some simple ideas to get them started…

• Make a Mickey Mouse balloon.
• Recreate a scene from your favorite Disney movie using bricks and mini figures.
• Spell Disney with bricks.
• Create a new Disney Character

Watch Disney movie – The week before our trip to Disney we enjoyed a different Disney movie each night. I stacked all our choices up and each night we chose one, watching the stack get smaller and smaller gave them a great visual of passing time. This helped build up the excitement, reacquainted them with characters they might see (this is especially good for those children that are timid with costume characters), and filled up the waiting time. Some of our favorites are:

• Finding Nemo
• Cinderella
• Tangled
• Monsters, Inc.
• Little Mermaid
• Peter Pan
• Beauty and the Beast

Dry Erase Counter – Use this fun Mickey themed printable I have created, pop it in a cheap frame with glass (or laminate it) and use a dry erase marker to count down the days. Kids will love writing in the days every morning.

6 Fun Ways to Countdown to Your Trip to Disney - Countdown Printable

Paper Bag Surprise – Decorate Paper bags with Disney themes- Mickey, Goofy, Ariel, Nemo, and so on, for however many days you want to countdown. Place a small goody in each bag-pennies for pressing, stickers, an autograph book, spending money, etc.., Fold bags over and staple, let your child open one each day to get them excited for their trip.

Disney Hide N’ Seek– If you don’t have one already pick up a cheap Disney stuffed animal and hide it somewhere in the house each night with a number (to represent how many days are left until the trip). The fun of the game and watching the numbers drop will help pass the time.

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