Tips For Comforting a Sick Baby

Tips For Comforting a Sick Baby

No one likes to see their baby sick. It tugs at our heart strings to see sad little feverish eyes look up at us. The good news is you can help keep your baby comfortable while battling a cold or flu. Here are some simple tricks to help comfort a sick baby. 

The basics to comforting a sick baby.

Keep noses clear. Great devices like the nose freita make keeping baby noses clear easy and clean up way better than those bulb syringes.

Control fevers. A fever helps your baby fight off viruses but when they begin to make your baby uncomfortable then you want to keep it under control so your baby can sleep. A cool cloth is a great way to cool a fever and help your baby feel better. If this does not help call your pediatrician for their recommendation on how to handle the fever.

Keep your baby hydrated. Young babies should not be given things like water or juice to keep hydrated. Extra nursing will do the trick. Keep an eye out for dehydration. If your baby starts to have less wet diapers than normal give your doctor a quick call. For older babies, they will often recommend Pedialyte.

Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles. When your baby is not feeling well she is more likely to want to be close to you. This is normal. Give baby plenty of loving cuddles and comfort. When you need to get up and get things done a baby carrier is just perfect for keeping your baby comfortable while you have hands to get things done.

More ways to comfort your sick baby

Warm showers can help loosen congestion. Sit in the shower holding baby without the water hitting baby directly to allow the steam to help clear sinuses.

Skin to skin contact is amazing for comforting baby. Remove your shirt and put the baby in only a diaper to allow for skin to skin contact while you cuddle or wear baby in a sling.

White noise or soft music can help your baby relax and fall asleep. Sleep is great for healing and will help make your baby feel better sooner. Rock your baby while playing soothing music to help him fall asleep.

Diffuse lavender in your baby’s room. Lavender is proven to help babies fall asleep and sleep longer. It is also great for killing off germs and bacteria helping your child fight off illness all that much easier.

Remember that if you are worried a simple call your pediatrician can help put your mind at ease and get an appointment for treatment if needed. Soon your baby will bounce back and be their normal healthy, happy, selves and that should make any mom happy.

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