5 Non-Scary Ways to Spend Halloween

5 Non-Scary Ways to Spend Halloween

Halloween is such a scary time for kids. They find themselves surrounded by scary things nearly anywhere they go. From the neighbor’s house to the doors of the location grocery store it seems like there is no escape. Do you dread the idea of taking your child trick-or-treating because you know it will be a scary and traumatizing situation? Here are 5 non-scary ways to spend Halloween.

Set up a safe Trick-or-treating experience at your locals school, church, or community center. Trunk-or-treats are gaining popularity because they are safe, convenient, and depending on those in charge not scary. You can even hold them during the day. Bringing a community together making memories and creating a fun experience out of a holiday known for its frightening nature.

Skip the trick-or-treating altogether and have a night in. You can buy candy for cheap and spend the night at home watching movies or playing games. You can create a tradition all your own that no one will forget. Pick a food your favorite clothes, activities, and other things your child finds special.

Throw a not so scary party. Gather friends and family for a Halloween party packed with all the fun and none of the scary. Pumpkins, scarecrows, princesses and superheroes will be a blast. You could even pick a fun theme for the party, do a potluck, or a small carnival to make the night fun.

Go out for some fun. Places like Chuck e Cheese will have a safe environment open for families. The movie theater will have a family friendly movie available and most restaurants will be kid friendly and not scary. You can always call ahead to be sure that everything is scare-free when making your plans.

Spend the holiday pulling some not so scary pranks. Challenge your child to think of things that can do to surprise and bless others. How about baking cookies to give out to neighbors the next day? Or collecting food for the local pantry? You could spend the day raking leaves for neighbors that can not. Take the fear out of the holiday and use it to give your child the power to do good for others.

When it comes to creating a Not So scary Halloween the trick is to step out of the box. Find something new and exciting to do that will change the way you see Halloween and give your child the chance to take the power away from the scary side of Halloween.


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