Supermodel Coco Rocha Opens Up About Motherhood


Coco Rocha sat down with People magazine to talk about motherhood while promoting her Co+Co Street Wear Collection Launch at RonRobinson in Santa Monica. 

The supermodel says because her husband James Conran manages her that they often bring their 1-year-old daughter Ioni to work. 

“I think the greatest thing is that I work with my husband 24/7 through [the] good and bad,” Rocha said of her husband James Conran who is also her manager. “We’re always together and that also means Ioni gets to be around.”

“It’s not necessarily every day like that, but it’s just the fact that I can do that — so I take that opportunity,” explains Rocha.

Rocha understands that she is lucky to be able to spend so much time with her daughter.

“I know that there are moms out there who only wish that they could have their babies come to work and that’s just not an option,” she continues. “I love the fact that I can have her around all the time — so why not do it?”

And Rocha hopes that one day when her daughter is older, she looks back and thinks, it was:

“great that I got to bond with Mommy and Daddy — and not hang at home.” Although, she adds, “We have great help even when that isn’t possible.”

When it comes to parenting, the Canadian-native says she and her husband have a flexible schedule.

“I think that the one thing people should do is just not have this repetition of a schedule,” she says. “Let things happen. I mean schedule bath time and night-night time and feeding time, but when it comes to moving around and you’re like, ‘Oh, I can’t leave the house it’s almost bath time.’ Let it loose a little and I think that that’s worked for us,” she explains.

Meanwhile, Rocha says she can’t believe how fast her daughter is growing up.

“I hate when people say, ‘Time flies.’ But it’s weird. Time flies,” she admits. “Eleven months she was walking. Ten months she was crawling and now she’s just starting to really [connect words] … It’s crazy,” she says.

“I don’t know what I was expecting — you do look back and you’re like, ‘Of course she’s going to crawl.’ But you just don’t know when these milestones are going to approach you and then they do and you’re like, ‘Wow. What just happened?’ ”

Rocha and Conran married in 2010. 

They welcomed their daughter last March.