5 Tips for Quickly Recovering from a C-Section

5 Tips for Quickly Recovering from a C-Section

Recovering from a C-section will generally take moms 4-6 weeks. Though that seems like forever, there are some things you can do to hopefully shorten the process a bit. The most important thing is to take care for yourself so your body will love you and heal in no time!

  1. Rest your body often.

Being home with you new baby is an exciting time for you, so you will likely want to be the one up changing diapers, washing bottles and baby clothes, and doing what needs to be done around the house.

However, your incision and insides need to recover. When the baby is napping, you should lie down and rest too. The laundry, dishes, and other chores can wait until you have recuperated!

  1. Ask for help with baby care.

In order to properly recover from your C-section, you must be careful with how much you do. This includes lifting and carrying your little one or anything weighing more than her.

Seek assistance from your partner, family or friends so that you do not overdo things and land yourself back in the hospital – or in unbearable amounts of pain. It’s usually easy to get helping hands when you have a new one at home!

  1. Move as you are able.

Though you do need to rest, it’s good to move a little too. Most hospitals will want you slowly up and about before they will allow you to leave after a C-section. Just make sure to take it easy. Rise slowly from the bed and take your time getting to your destination.

  1. Keep the incision site clean.

Your C-section will leave you with a four to six inch incision that you must take care of to prevent infection. Follow your doctor’s orders exactly to avoid any complications.

Change the dressing at least once a day, and keep the area dry, gently patting it after a shower and before applying a new bandage. Avoid swimming or soaking in the bath for 2-3 weeks following your C-section so the wound can heal.

  1. Prepare your c-section recovery kit before childbirth.

It’s a good idea to have everything you need to recover from a C-section in a DIY kit before you leave for the hospital to deliver your baby. That way, it’s all there in one location for you when you need it.

Things to include in your kit are bandages, pain relievers, a stool softener, loose clothing, postpartum underwear, and an abdominal binder.