After Baby Body Changes and Post-Partum Blues: K-Y® Personal Lubricants for New Moms #AchieveComfort

After Baby Body Changes and Post-Partum Blues: K-Y® Personal Lubricants for New Moms #AchieveComfort

Pregnancy is an amazing journey filled with reality checks, surprises, and so many changes. Tired feet, an aching back, and emotional roller coasters don’t end when you finally deliver your new bundle of joy. There are some after-baby body changes and post-partum blues that can be unexpected. Thankfully, open and honest talks with friends and family can help alleviate some of those challenges. One change I didn’t think of was vaginal dryness. Luckily, K-Y® is available with personal lubricants for new moms that provide a trusted and versatile range of products.

The great factor about K-Y is the wide range of options that have a medicinal heritage. Trust is key, especially after having a baby. When you have a baby, your body changes in so many great ways. However, there can be some changes that are a challenge. Emotional support and connection with your partner can play a key role, and vaginal dryness is an expected and totally normal symptom; especially for moms who are breastfeeding.

I personally didn’t think of the issue until I faced it myself. Feeling sexy after having a baby can be tricky, but K-Y can help. The #1 doctor recommended and trusted brand has multiple options to help you ease back into physical connections with your partner. A solution for providing comfort during sex that will help prevent vaginal dryness and discomfort is as close as your nearest drug store. K-Y lubricant is the 1# trusted brand by many new moms, couples, and professionals.

After having a child, I felt very insecure and aware of my body. Having to worry about dryness wasn’t a problem after I discovered K-Y. Post-baby issues like post-partum blues, vaginal dryness or frustrations with achieving that physical connection can amplify those feelings. K-Y® earned my devotion and trust after just one use. If you are looking for a trusted and effective way to help you facilitate sex and help you feel great, I’d highly recommend K-Y lubricants.

It’s amazing how using K-Y lubricants can make positive changes in your self-esteem. Not only did K-Y help with personal dryness, it became something fun to enjoy even after the post-baby changes subsided. Using K-Y lubricants and trying their many options brought a new element of intrigue to our mommy and daddy time. Not only does using the trusted brand help alleviate frustrations and help with confidence, the lubricants can help you rekindle the flame with your partner. Not only will sex be comfortable post-baby, it can be enjoyable in an entirely new way. The benefits of using K-Y are seemingly endless!

Check out the options at your pharmacy, drug store, or if you’re shy, you can even find K-Y products online! Comfort can be acheived with the many options K-Y offers.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by K-Y®, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect opinions of the K-Y® brand or the Reckitt Benckiser Corporation.

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