Josh Duhamel & Axl: Father-Son Minnesota Vikings Fans

Josh Duhamel Leaving The Park With His Son

Josh Duhamel enjoyed a day with his son Axl at a  park in Brentwood, CA on Thursday (Oct. 1).

The Battle Creek actor was dressed in a Minnesota Vikings shirt and cap with army green pants. He carried the  youngster who matched him in a Vikings Jersey.

In a recent interview with Extra, Duhamel revealed that he and wife Fergie want more children in the future.

“That’s definitely something that we both want. it’s just a matter of timing, she’s about to release this album, touring and what not that comes after that, so I don’t know, I gotta sneak in there when I can.” He clarified, “Ya know, whatever town she’s in, that’s the town, I’ll sneak into.”

Duhamel and the Black Eyed Peas singer have been married for six.

His latest film, Lost in the Sun hits theaters November 6th.

Image Credit: Fame/Flynet