I’m Pregnant… Now What? Panorama Prenatal Test is Here to Help!


Finding out your pregnant is the greatest joy in life. A whole multitude of emotions go through your body as you realize you’re going to be a mommy. This feeling doesn’t get any less special each time you learn your pregnant either. I found out in August I’m expecting my second child and my reaction was just as joyous as the first time!

Being pregnant with my second child, I understand how overwhelming pregnancy can be once you fully realize your pregnant. It’s at the early stages of your first trimester when you have a million questions. Is the baby ok? What do I do now? What books should I buy? What sites can I trust?

With my first pregnancy, I probably bought a million books. I wanted to know everything I should prepare for because their was nothing more special to me than the little baby growing in my stomach. The thing is when you start reading all the information available a lot of it can become confusing. Some books say to do one thing and other’s say to do another. Their is not one agreed upon way to live while pregnant! 

Here is are some of my Pregnancy tips:

1. Buy a pregnancy planner: I did this with my first pregnancy and I have one again. The planner acts as a journal where you can document how you feel each day. It’s a great pregnancy keepsake and can be shown to your child one day. Depending on the pregnancy planner, there is an area where you can write down questions for your doctor and document what you discuss during each visit. You can also plan your registry, birth plan, baby names and more. 

2. Sleep: Many people say, “Oh, it’s just your first trimester, this is the easy part.”. That’s not exactly the case! I found my first trimester to be much harder than my second the first time and I believe it will be the same with this pregnancy too. Besides morning sickness, don’t underestimate how tired you will be in the first trimester! For the last month, I haven’t been able to lift a finger around the house. Don’t miss out on those naps calling your name! This is when a family member can be pick up some of the slack for you. 

3. Don’t Eat For Two: Give into your cravings, but don’t overeat because your pregnant. During my first pregnancy, I didn’t take this advice and I gained way too much weight. Shedding those pounds may seem far away now, but when it comes time to lose the weight you will regret eating badly.

4. Advice: For some reason, every person on the planet becomes an expert on baby-rearing when they see a pregnant woman. A lot of the time, the advice people give is good natured, but not always wanted. As your pregnancy progresses it can become irratating. Try to take the advice with a grain of salt!

5. You can’t plan everything, but you can be prepared!

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It’s easy to get caught with worry when your pregnant, so Panorama Prenatal Screen and Natera have made this, “I’m Pregnant, Now What” infographic. Their are some basic things you need to do and plan for in your first pregnancy and this early pregnancy checklist will help you do this.


Despite being pregnant for the second time, I still found myself being overwhelmed at my first prenatal appointment. Since my last pregnancy, prenatal screening has become much more common and many couples choose to do genetic testing now. I’m sure I’m not the only mama-to-be that gets confused about genetic testing. That’s why I started to do some research when I got back home from my first visit. I found out about Panorama prenatal screening, which is powered by Natera, a leader in non-invasive genetic screening.

Panorama is a DNA screening that offers parents-to-be a lot of important information at an early stage in pregnancy. With the prenatal screening you can find out the risks of having a baby with down syndrome and other specific chromosomal abnormalities. The highly accurate test is non-invasive and can be done as early as nine weeks into your pregnancy using a simple blood draw. Most importantly, the test poses no risk to your baby. 

I'm Pregnant... Now What? Panorama Prenatal Test is Here to Help!

One advantage of knowing about possible problems in advance is that it allows for better medical care and early intervention therapy. Not only can this help reduce developmental delays, but give your child a better chance at life.  

To learn more about chromosomal abnormalities visit the Panorama website. Their you can also learn if the test is right for you and your growing family. Be sure to check out Panorama’s Twitter and Facebook for up-to-date information.  

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.