Crafting: Halloween Mickey Hair Clip #DIY

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip

Have fun with you little girl by making this Halloween themed Mickey Mouse designed fabric into a cute hair clip. This hair clip is a perfect accessory to wear to school throughout the month of October and even on the big day of fright. 


Halloween Mickey Hair Clip

1/8 yard Mickey Mouse fabric
1/8 yard candy corn fabric 
White or black thread
Yellow thread
Alligator clips
6″ piece of 3/8 ribbon
1″ circle piece of white felt
Drinking glass for measuring circles
A medium sized button
Hot glue/hot glue gun


1. Trace the top of your drinking glass on a piece of paper and cut out

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip
2. Cut your strips of fabric in half, then fold 1 piece of the candy corn fabric, and 1 piece of the Mickey fabric in 1/3’s

3. Put your 2 folded pieces on top of eachother, then put your cut out circle on top and cut all pieces of fabric together to make 6 circles

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip
4. Thread your needle with a long piece of thread

5. Fold one of your fabric circle pieces in half, see the open end, and pull to the end of the thread

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip

6. Repeat step 5 rotating 6 pieces, candy corn, Mickey, and so on

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip

7. Once all of your 6 circles are sewn on, clip your thread and tie together tightly 

8. Place your button on top of your flower and sew in the middle

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip
9. Hot glue your felt circle on the bottom of your flower

Halloween Mickey Hair Clip

10. Line your alligator clip with your 3/8 ribbon, start by glueing to the middle bottom of your clip and then glue/wrap around entire clip

11. Hot glue your lined alligator clip on the bottom of your flower, on the felt


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