Angry Birds Window Clings For Kids

Angry birds window clings

Do you have Angry Birds fans in your family? If so, you might just be able to put down their favorite game and take in this fun Angry Bird cling craft. I love that this cling is easy to make and fun to do all times during the year.  Once finished, this clings are perfect for teenagers to put on the windows of their room. 


Angry birds window clings

Puffy paint: red, orange, yellow, black, brown, bright green, green, &, white (value pack)
3 ring binder page protectors
Angry birds coloring book (dollar store)


1. Cut out your angry birds characters from your coloring book, if you don’t have a coloring book, print out angry birds clip art from your computer.

2. Place a piece of 8×11 piece of paper into your page protector to make it more sturdy

3. Now open your page protector and slide your angry birds in

Angry birds window clings

4. Begin tracing over too your characters with puffy paint, I like to start on the outline and work my way in (make sure you don’t paint too thin, you want it to come off in one piece)

Angry birds window clings
5. If something seems to small to do, you can always go over top (ex:eyes, make the whole part white, then add a for of black on top)

Angry birds window clings

6. Once your finished, place out of reach overnight or 24 hours (package says 4, but that didn’t work for me)

7. After 24 hours, use your nails to start peeling off, be careful as these can rip or fold.

Angry birds window clings


8. Cling your angry bird to a wall or window and enjoy!