Easy List: Breastfeeding Must Haves

Easy List: Breastfeeding Must Haves

Breastfeeding is so rewarding and a great experience. But there are some down sides, like leaking, and the fact that your little one might want to latch for 40 minutes or more! Here are a list of items that will make your breastfeeding journey so much easier on you, your back, your little one and your breasts! 

Cloth Breast Pads – You need pads because you will leak. Even 9 months to a year in you will have moments when you leak. Save the money on disposable pads and buy the cloth ones.  

Pump – You will want a pump even just a manual one to help increase milk supply and to help build a freezer storage as a backup. If you can afford to spring for the luxurious electric pump it is well worth it. Manual Pump or Electric Pump.

Milk Storage Bags – Since you will be pumping extra milk you will need something to store the milk in. Make sure to write down the date and even the time it was pumped. Milk changes consistency from morning to night.

Nursing Pillow – This is a must. A Nursing pillow will be a life saver on your arms and your back. It helps with tummy time and it is also a great positioner to help as baby starts sitting up. 

Lanolin – Nursing hurts, it hurts at the beginning when your nipples are getting used to feeding, it hurts when your little one gets in teeth, it hurts when they change how they latch, and well its hurts! It’s 100% worth it, even then but to help with the pain invest in some lanolin. 

Gel Pads –  For the same reasons above gel pads are a life saver. They also are helpful when you become engorged in the first few days of breast feeding and as baby starts sleeping through the night. 

Nursing Cover – Now you might be ok feeding in public without covering up and that’s ok, but what about your parents’ house or grandparents? It’s always a good idea to have one you never know when it might come in handy.  

Tank Tops – This is an essential part of your wardrobe. You will not be able to pull down every shirt to breastfeed. So when you have to lift your shirt up to get baby fed, I’m sure you don’t want to show off that post-partum baby belly. I know I don’t. You can buy simple tanks tops in just basic colors or buy then in every color you can to match every shirt you own. I like the tanks from Forever 21 you can’t beat  $1.90 for a tank top in 48 colors! 

Refillable Water Bottle – You will need to drink LOTS of water. So taking a refillable water bottle on the go is a must. If you don’t get enough water your milk supply goes down. I was also told once, if you don’t drink enough water you are dehydrating you baby. That really stuck with me and helps me make sure I get at least 70oz of water a day, normally more! 

Sprout Phone App – This phone app has been a life saver. It allows you to track feedings and how long your baby nurses for. You can also track on what side. Other features include a diaper tracker, sleep tracker and more. 

What items are on your list of breastfeeding must haves?