5 Things About Pregnancy Most People Don’t Tell You About

5 Things About Pregnancy Most People Don't Tell You About

People tell you that your breasts will get bigger and hurt when you are pregnant, and you will pee more often. You will gain weight and have weird cravings, and you will most definitely become more emotional. Sounds like a load of fun, huh? But what are they not telling you about pregnancy? 

You have weird dreams. So many hormones and lack of actual sleep (you will not be able to get comfortable enough to get real, deep sleep- even early on) will wreak havoc on your dreams- but it isn’t always bad! You will have some really funny dreams to talk about, so enjoy it!

You drool more because pregnant women produce more saliva. In fact, they produce three-fourths a quart a day! Why all the spit? Again- hormonal changes. You will drool when you sleep, when you chew gum, and when you eat. Hey, it’s better than the other thing that does happen closer to going into labor for some women- extreme dehydration and dry mouth.

You get veiny. As blood flow is increased, your body pumps nutrients to your baby through your veins and that makes them stand out even more. For some women, the size of veins never goes down, but for most it will. The best way to help alleviate the appearance of these is to drink plenty of water and stay active.

You get constipated and it can be extremely painful. All the changes to your body, diet, and weight gain can really do a number on your body, and that includes your digestive system. Pump yourself full of water and fiber to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

You will have shooting pains in your cervix and if you have never experienced them before, you may think something is terribly wrong or like you are in labor. Short “zaps” of pain like this are normal, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Prolonged pain, however, can be dangerous and you will need to seek a doctor’s help and advice.