Walt Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks on Park Rides

Walt Disney World Bans Selfie Sticks on Park Rides

It’s official! Guests at Walt Disney World will have no choice, but to ride their favorite attractions without pulling out a selfie stick to snap a picture. Is this exactly a bad thing? 

On Tuesday, Walt Disney World announced that the use of selfie sticks on attractions in their theme parks has been banned and will not be allowed at all.

“Cast members at greeter positions in front of attractions are now instructed to ask any guest with a visible selfie stick to stow the item for the duration of the experience. A guest using the stick while enjoying a ride or attraction will be asked to stow the item over the attraction’s PA system or the attraction will be stopped immediately by the cast members according to the policy,” WDWNT claims.  

The policy has been in place for awhile, but had yet to be seriously enforced. 

The issue of selfie sticks first started to arise when guest were not only using the selfie sticks on the rides, but sticking them far out into the attraction. Some have hit other ride vehicles, components of the attraction, or even fallen underneath ride vehicles.

This new rule will fall in line with Disney’s decade long policy of keeping all hands, arms, and other items inside the ride vehicles. 

The usage of selfie sticks outside of park attractions is still allowed in Walt Disney World although complaints by non-selfie stick using guests are often made. Some people have inconsiderately been using their selfie sticks during parades, fireworks, and stage shows.

What do you think of the ban of selfie sticks on attractions? I find the whole selfie stick craze annoying at best, so this comes as a welcome policy change to me and my family.