10 Formula Feeding Tips for New Moms

10 Formula Feeding Tips for New Moms

Deciding to breastfeed or formula feed is an individual decision each new mother must make. If you have chosen to go down the bath of formula feeding then it’s time to make it a success! It doesn’t have to be complicated, but there are some things you should know to make the process more successful for you and baby.

#1. Have several bottles on hand- When you bring a newborn home, it can be tough to know what kind of bottle they are going to “take to.” You can solve this issue by having several bottles on hand. When you find a bottle that your baby loves, you can always buy more.

#2. Make sure you have all the right ingredients- Looking at all of those formula options can be overwhelming. Ask your doctor what NEEDS to be in a formula for it to be right for your baby.

#3. Always look for an expiration date– Unlike the canned foods in your pantry, you should pay attention to expiration dates on formula.

#4. Everything needs to be sterile and very clean- When you’re preparing a bottle for baby, make sure you wash your hands and ensure the bottle is super clean. Of course it always helps if the counters are clean as well.

#5. Measure the formula correctly- It’s so easy to mis-measure formula in the middle of the night from being sleep deprived. There are containers that allow you to pre-measure the formula, so it’s ready to go when you need it most.

#6. Use hot water or a bottle warmer- Warming up formula bottles in the microwave is a huge no-no nowadays. You’ll want to make sure you either use hot water from the tap or a bottle warmer. Microwave ovens can make the liquid in a bottle way too hot for baby.

#7. Don’t forget to shake shake shake- Formula bottles need to be shaken really well prior to giving them to baby. This may not seem like a big deal, but the formula needs to be well mixed into the bottle for it to be at its best.

#8. Spend time cuddling with baby- Moms who choose to formula feed their babies can experience cuddling. Hold your baby close and enjoy these moments as much as possible.

#9. Burp baby every couple of ounces– Everyone has their opinions on this matter and it depends on baby, but burping every couple of ounces helps release the air/gas in the baby’s stomach.

#10. Keep lots of bibs and burp cloths on hand- In case of leaks or spills or throw ups, make sure you have a bib or burp cloth on hand whenever possible.

Formula feeding can be a healthy and very positive experience for both mother and baby. What tips do you have for new moms who are formula feeding?

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