Explore Emotions With Kids With Disney’s ‘Inside Out’

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Disney and Pixar’s latest movie is going to be an amazing mash up of humor and curiosity as the film explores what happens inside someone’s head. The flick will be a fun and amazing way to explore emotions with your kids and these printouts, activities, and Easter party ideas will let you celebrate with Disney’s ‘Inside Out‘ themed fun.

The 5 central emotions are hard at work in 11-year-old Riley’s mind or, as the Emotions call it, Headquarters. Her family has just relocated to an intimidating new city and the gang is trying to process it all and keep Riley happy. However, Joy and Sadness are inadvertently swept into the far reaches of Riley’s mind. Fear, Anger and Disgust must take over and attempt to navigate the emotional waters as Joy and Sadness journey through Long Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought, and Dream Productions in order to return to Headquarters.

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Each character and emotion is special and has a vital job…

Joy – Voiced by Amy Poehler, Joy’s goal has always been to make sure Riley stays happy. She is lighthearted, optimistic and determined to find the fun in every situation .

Fear – The voice of Bill Hader brings this emotion to life. Fear’s main job is to protect Riley and keep her safe. He is constantly on the lookout for potential disasters.

Anger – Lewis Black’s voice portrays this guy. Anger feels very passionately about making sure things are fair for Riley. He has a fiery spirit and tends to explode (literally) when things don’t go as planned.

Disgust – With the voice of Mindy Kaling, Disgust is highly opinionated, extremely honest and prevents Riley from getting poisoned – both physically and socially. She keeps a careful eye on the people, places and things that Riley comes into contact with – whether that’s broccoli or last year’s fashion trend. Disgust always has the best of intentions and refuses to lower her standards.

Sadness – Phyllis Smith voices Sadness. None of the other Emotions really understand what Sadness’s role is . Sadness would love to be more optimistic and helpful in keeping Riley happy, but she finds it so hard to be positive. Sometimes it seems like the best thing to do is just lie on the floor and have a good cry.

Each Emotion is needed for Riley, and anyone else, to process life and learn from experience – good or bad. Having these little characters for kids to connect with is brilliant and an easy way to start a dialogue. Use these printables and activities to explore your child’s emotions in a fun way. There is even a Pinterest-worthy Easter idea!

Download the Inside Out Activity Sheets (PDF) – 12, 3, 4, 5, 6

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