Preparing Your Kids For A New Sibling

Preparing Your Kids For A New Sibling

You are excited to have a new child joining your family, but this can cause some fears and discontent amongst older siblings. We have some great tried and true tips for Preparing Your Kids For A New Sibling. Every family dynamic is different, but these tips are some of the most widely used and successful. 

Have them help you prepare the baby room. Getting them involved in the basic process of preparing for the baby can go a long way toward introducing them to the idea. Letting them see the place their new brother or sister will be can help them get use to the idea and feel like they are a part of this. 

Involve them in the pregnancy. From letting them attend doctors visits to having them help choose the baby name it is super easy to get your kids involved with your pregnancy. Ask for their help while showing them that being a big brother or sister is going to be a ton of fun. 

Spend quality time alone with them before the birth. Set aside some special one on one time for both you and your spouse to spend with the older sibling(s). Make sure their love tank is full and they know how important and special they are to you.  It can be a great time to share about their birth story, or to buy a special big brother or big sister shirt for them to wear. 

Spend time around other babies. If they have never been around a baby before, take the time to babysit or spend time with a friend who has a baby. Letting them get use to the needs, smells, and sounds of a baby can hep this transition go much smoother. 

Older siblings can adjust easily when you follow these tips for preparing your kids for a new sibling. By taking the time to prepare them before the birth, you will make the transition much easier. 

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