Support Your Kids’ Dreams: Craft and Netflix Inspirations

Dream Board Craft - Celeb Baby Laundry

There are three basic categories in which children learn: auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. Most children are visual learners. In fact, it is estimated that around 80% of what we learn is by visual, but we can’t forget those who thrive on other techniques.

Auditory Learners: A lecture-loving learner works best simply hearing directions and instructions. These learners tend to take better note of body language and vocal tones or inflections.

Visual: A visual learner likes to physically see skills and concepts. You will find this group is likes to have pen and paper handy, and will often doodle while listening.

Kinaesthetic: This is a hands-on learning style. These movers and shakers find it hard to sit still and prefer to learn by doing, touching, feeling, and experiencing something firsthand.

At the root of it all is a goal. Maybe a dream of becoming an astronaut or learning to surf is something your child strives for. Often, the pursuit is the fun part that changes daily. To help kids focus on their dreams and goals, you can try this craft that engages auditory, visual, and kinaesthetic learners!

This Dream Board Craft will spark imagination and be a treasured memory. Here’s how to create your own…

1. Find a cork board. You can often find them at craft stores or you can re-purpose some materials you might already have on hand.
2. Wrap the board in a thin piece of fabric. What pattern, style, or material you use is completely up to you and your dreamer.
3. Cover the front of the board, and secure the fabric by stapling it to the back of the board.
4. Find images and photos of your child doing something that supports their dreams and goals.
5. Pin them to the board however you and your dreamer want. A few ideas: Pin the to the corners with your dreams listed in the center or do a scrapbook style and fit them in at random leaving room for captions.
6. Using spare bits of paper, craft tape, images printed at home, or scrapbook materials, caption each image with the goal or dream.

The goal is to customize the board so it encompasses your child’s personality. Little Grace loves butterflies and stars, so we printed up a few we found outline and used them to decorate the board. Look around the house, you’ll be amazed at what you can re-purpose!

The creation itself will create the opportunity for your kids to learn in all three of the most common ways to learn, so make you sure you take advantage of it!

*Talk about the goals and how your child can achieve them.
*Visualize the goals by looking for images to support each dream.
*Let you child place the images, captions, decoration on the board.

Another way to support their drive for success is letting your kids enjoy shows that encourage kids to pave their own paths without fear. This month, Netflix is packing their offerings with programs that will inspire children to chase their dreams. You find audio, visual, and even encouragement to get up and move along with shows engage everyone!

The just released series, Ever After High, will have dreamers exploring imagination and stories. The special launches Friday, and centers on the idea that the story of your life is not written in permanent ink. You have the power to create your own destiny.

Little hands-on learners will love Handy Manny, as he builds and fixes things with his team of tools. Or, make a discovery with Sid the Science Kid and his pals as they take on different labs and explore science found in every day tasks.

For “big kids” (and adults too!), you’ll easily find inspiration in Represent Team USA: The Gabby Douglas Story or chefs with big dreams entering Master the kitchen: Chopped. For a sweet treat and learning by trial, error, and unique challenges, you’ve got to try Cupcake Wars. Both cooking shows are a favorite in my house with my little aspiring chef!

Don’t be afraid to curl up on the couch for a few minutes and share a show you and your kids will both love. Taking the time to share a rare moment of free-time, is just one of the many wonderful things about Netflix. It’s ready when you are!

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