Joovy Toy Caboose & Carseat – Playtime Has Never Been So Fun #HolidayGiftGuide


As a child, I remember spending hours role-playing with my dolls. I loved dressing them up and taking care of them just like my mom did with me. One of my favorite things to do was pushing them in my toy stroller. I took that thing everywhere!

Now that I’m a mom there is obviously no more pretending on my part! My three-year-old daughter, Ava, is the one doing the pretending and enacting the same role-play fun I did as a kid. From making sure all her babies needs are met to reassuring them everything is okay, I love seeing her use imagination to imitate real life. I truly believe imitating real life is an important part of early cognitive development. Role-playing helps young children learn how to care while developing independence. 

The fun toy accessories like strollers, bottles and clothing for dolls and babies have definitely underwent a makeover since I was a kid! This is especially true with the new Joovy Toy Caboose! The toy stroller, which is made for boys and girls, is an exact replica of the brand’s popular Joovy Caboose Stand-On Tandem stroller. Like the original Caboose, the toy version comes with high-quality materials, maneuverable swivel wheels and includes a car seat adapter for an optional toy car seat. The front seat and foot rest can be moved up and down to fit not only dolls, but stuffed animals too. There is also a rear platform and seat to accommodate two additional toys. 
Joovy Toy Caboose
The Joovy Toy Caboose is my daughter’s first toy stroller, so I was excited to see how she would integrate it into her play fun with her toy babies. Let’s just say she was incredibly excited when the box arrived at our door and she knew it was something for her! Obviously, she wanted me to open the box right away! On first inspection, it was clear the parts are made very well. I have reviewed quiet a few strollers for children and the materials on this toy stroller felt of the same quality. There are not a lot of pieces to put together, but I suggest reading the instructions carefully when attaching the back wheels because the assembly must be done right for them to work properly.
Once the toy stroller was assembled, Ava ran to get her favorite American Girl babies and placed them inside. She reassured the babies that everything would be okay and that they were just going for a stroll. She spent the whole night pushing the stroller from our living room to the kitchen and back!
The next day we decided to take the babies out for a stroll. Ava had an easy time pushing the stroller because the wheels maneuver like those of a real stroller. She enjoyed walking her babies to a local store before heading to a playground. Like a real mom, she parked the stroller, but instead of the babies playing on the playset she did!
Joovy Toy Car Seat
A great addition to this toy stroller is the matching Joovy Toy Carseat. It can be attached to the toy Caboose and also installed in car. With a daughter, who hates getting her seat belt buckled, this car seat was a great way to teach her the importance of good passenger safety. I try to remind her that mommy wants to keep her safe just like she does with her own babies.
JoovyThe Joovy Toy Caboose and the Joovy Toy Carseat are perfect toys for that special little girl in your life this holiday season. Both items will last years because of their superior design and are reasonably priced. Both items can be purchased via the Joovy website.
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