Toddler’s Month of Halloween Costumes

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If you are scrambling for some seriously late last minute costume inspiration, meet Willow – a 2 year old chameleon of characters that the internet cannot get enough of. 

Last year, Willow’s mother, Gina Lee declared October Dress up Month, and equipped her adorable toddler with enough halloween costumes to last her DECADES. 

The pictures are cuteness overload and provide some inspiration to really wow the other trick or treaters. 

Gina is making it a tradition and has been dressing Willow up this month too. You can find all of her pictures on her Instagram account. Check out a taster of some of the fun snaps here including Willow as everyone from Richard Simmons to a cabbage patch doll. 

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 22.57.17

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