Tips For Making Blended Families Work

Tips For Making Blended Families Work

When you meet that person who makes you feel complete, you are on top of the world and cannot wait to make your family whole. Unfortunately, blending two families can be difficult at times. While we all wish that our first love could be our last and only love, there are times when things don’t work out. This often results in later on new relationships forming and the need for our Tips For Making Blended Families Work. Whether you are looking at blending your family with your new love, already are a blended family or have grandchildren in a blended family these tips are sure to help you transition smoothly. 

Give Everyone Personal Space: While not everyone can afford a home where every child has their own bedroom, you can provide personal space for each child. Sharing bedrooms can be a tough thing, so make sure that you give each child an area of their own that they feel they own. This can also go as far as making sure younger step siblings understand the need to respect true physical personal space at times. Younger siblings are often much more excited about a blending of families than older siblings will be. 

Don’t Make Kids Share: This is one of those things that many question, but can make or break a new family dynamic. Forcing your child to share with a new sibling can make them feel like you are taking away their right to have anything that is truly their own. They already have to share your attention with your new spouse and these other children. Sometimes the smallest things like a toy, game or even a lamp can cause the largest breakdowns in family communication. Never force your kids to share their possessions with new siblings. Let that be their choice, not yours.

Respect Their Other Parent: Of course you will love and respect the parent you have recently married, but to gain the respect and love of your new stepchildren you must show respect for their other parent. Divorce or relationship separation comes for many reasons. While you may not like the other persons actions, that doesn’t make them any less a parent to your new child. Keep yourself from bad mouthing the other parent. Show them respect in communication and exchanges. Make sure that the other mom or dad in this equation is not made to be a bad guy by you. If they truly are a bad guy, their own actions will show that to their children. 

Transitioning into a blended family will always have its bumps along the way. The important things to remember are communication, compassion and love. These new children are struggling to accept your role in their lives. They may already know and love you, but blending a family together can take a lot of work and adjustment. Be patient and keep communication lines open, and you’ll be sure to make your blended family work.

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